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• My 27duet •

Three Books Representing My Age 27. I wrote many other things by the time I was 27 or 30, but these three things belong together. As seen below, the first is my collection of poetry, the second is my nostalgic novel about a fictional love affair in my lost world of New Haven, and third is the two together in one volume like twins separated at birth and finally reunited much later in life.

Charles Egeny, Fictional Poet (Yours Truly). The real connective tissue is no so much my age, but the identity of the fictional poet in On Saint Ronan Street. The novel's hero is a starving young artist named Jon Harney (fictionally me, sort of) who uses a pseudonym within a pseudonym (Charles Egeny) while trying to sell his work to a heedless, philistinic monolith, the New York City publishing Moloch. The poems of Charles Egeny found in On Saint Ronan Street are really my own, many written as a teenager. In the end, all of life is a fiction.

Multiple Editions. Each book is available in a print and as an ebook edition. The links below are to the print editions at There you will also find the e-book links. One or more of the print editions may be in standard 6x9" trim size as well as special 5x8" pocket trim size.